What the actual fuck

I was in this game with trundle in the top lane me (azir) mid lane kog maw im the jungle poppy as a support and ashe as an adc Game started everything was ok untill at min 3 ashe gives out firstblood to the enemy team Then 1 min later trundle dies to the enemy top laner and then my jgl suicides as well to the now fed top laner (jax) next thing i know i doe to the enemy mid laner (fizz) we are now 0-5 team score and at this moment the feed begins Min 6 bot lane gives out a double Min 8-10-13 trundle dies 3 times to jax Min 15 i kill fizz Min 15 as well bot lane dies again same way same place Gives out a double Min16 poppy respawn runs straight in lane and dies Ashe follows Min 17 i kill fizz (my kills are the only kills our team has) Min18 trundle dies as well as poppy and ashe and kog Min 20 same scenario I wont talk to long about the game ( guess i did) All that i want to say is that i lost the game due to useless players who do nothing but feeds all game long Funniest part is Poppy used her ult 3 times all game long 1-to kick away an under turret sona 2-to kick away a dead jhin 3-to kick away a low hp jax I lost this game cz i was paired with retards who didnt say a single word all game long if you ever had such a game tell me and ty
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