Banned for 14 Days for no Reason.

All right Riot, There is nothing special in my Chats like "%%%=Kill yourself", nothing with racism. Also nothing spectacular. You have WAY more aggressive/toxic Chats than this in EVERY Single Game. 14 Days? For that? WOW! I really dont know how your System with Reports works but... You need to take a look into this. Chats from my recent 3-Games --> Have in mind, its all out of context. Game 1 Pre-Game Cefurion: if aatrox gets not feed In-Game Cefurion: yep Cefurion: wards Cefurion: sopt chatting Cefurion: i come gank now Cefurion: i have enough of this Cefurion: these big words with i dont need ganks bla bla bla Cefurion: play safe now Cefurion: and stfu Cefurion: brand Cefurion: top Cefurion: is warded Cefurion: wtf Cefurion: its warded you noob Cefurion: fck stop Cefurion: buy wards heimer Cefurion: pls Cefurion: 7/0 Cefurion: gj brand Cefurion: my god Cefurion: dude Cefurion: every lane is fck feeded Cefurion: what have you done Cefurion: yes heimer, you are reported Cefurion: ;) Cefurion: toxic since minute 1 and feed Cefurion: wtf brand Cefurion: 28/6 Cefurion: yes pls Cefurion: surrender pls Cefurion: dont waste my time Cefurion: YES' Cefurion: DONT Cefurion: WASTE TIME Cefurion: ty heimer Cefurion: he is the one who said no Cefurion: im afk Cefurion: ty Cefurion: just stop Cefurion: and let them end Cefurion: its a waste of time Cefurion: heimer you died fck 12 times Cefurion: and flame us most Cefurion: nope Cefurion: gg tristana Cefurion: gg taric Cefurion: at least you guys tried Cefurion: "I am Heimer i dont need ganks i can kill 2 top solo even mid jung and top its ez pz" dont gank me dont gank me Cefurion: = 13 deaths Cefurion: your best Cefurion: is to die 13 times? Cefurion: awesome Cefurion: sry i mean 14 times Game 2 In-Game Cefurion: aint got no flash me from me Cefurion: ;) Cefurion: we gonna sit on this thresh guys Cefurion: i come bot after red & croks Cefurion: focus him Cefurion: u2 Cefurion: maybe stay in tower range jinx Cefurion: ye ye Cefurion: ofc Cefurion: ahri, you are so toxic. youre muted. Cefurion: nice charm Cefurion: thats why i say nice charm Cefurion: YOU SAW IT Cefurion: you saw the lantern Cefurion: you still throw your charm in the brush Cefurion: then you flame me Cefurion: youre bad af Cefurion: nice ahri Cefurion: gj Cefurion: urgot afk? Cefurion: nice Cefurion: rep urgot, hes afk in base ;) Cefurion: the reason doesnt matter Cefurion: untiltable with this team naut Cefurion: do your kiddo "im the better jungler" thing i dont care Cefurion: just rep urgot cuz hes afk, ty Cefurion: okay Cefurion: you are sooooooooooo great nauti Cefurion: SOOO AWESOME Cefurion: ty naut Cefurion: and btw youre muted from this second on ;) Cefurion: as i said, untiltable Cefurion: stfu ahri Cefurion: ;) Cefurion: so tilted Cefurion: jinx aswell Cefurion: wow Cefurion: where is my team? Cefurion: my team pings me Cefurion: 10000 times Cefurion: but my team is afk Cefurion: freakin afk Cefurion: never ping me again Cefurion: gj Game 3 In-Game Cefurion: nope Cefurion: gnar i go red, croks then gank Cefurion: be ready Cefurion: gnar Cefurion: read Cefurion: omfg Cefurion: wake up Cefurion: omg Cefurion: easy double Cefurion: kill wards botlane Cefurion: or i cant gank Cefurion: not rly, but ok Cefurion: youre very very defensive, its ok Cefurion: i know Cefurion: :> Cefurion: im so bad Cefurion: sry Cefurion: :P Cefurion: easy triple but i fcked up Cefurion: ty 4 the herald ward neeko Cefurion: grabbing him now Cefurion: wait Cefurion: you guys really flame me? Cefurion: ME? Cefurion: 1/3 Cefurion: 2/4 Cefurion: flaming me? Cefurion: me? Cefurion: i carried all of u since min 1 Cefurion: dont bite the hand that feeds you Cefurion: read Cefurion: or are you %%%%%%ed Cefurion: all right Cefurion: ekko and tristana are feed Cefurion: solve that Cefurion: nice ss Cefurion: and you lost your lane lucian Cefurion: ? Cefurion: lucian Cefurion: wake the fck up Cefurion: pls Cefurion: afk farming on your lane while morg and i fight in jungle Cefurion: pls wake up Cefurion: you have to do your job Cefurion: which is being an adc Cefurion: thats all you have to do Cefurion: stole exp? Cefurion: wtf Cefurion: ? Cefurion: i stole nothing Cefurion: ehhh Cefurion: once Cefurion: for 20 secs Cefurion: stop crying Cefurion: you dont ward it Cefurion: can you maybe focus ekko Cefurion: and can we maybe Cefurion: have our adc Cefurion: in our teamfights Cefurion: im here Cefurion: ask lucian Cefurion: yep Cefurion: here all the time Cefurion: your the one farming afk botlane Cefurion: you do it again Cefurion: look Cefurion: gj Cefurion: lol Cefurion: what Cefurion: look at your stats man
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