Riot, Im done. The game is not playable.

Hi, The game has hit rock bottom for me, its just serioussly is. Not because some champs are broken, or the ques are sometimes too long, its just the community that is just destroyed this game totally. I was Gold IV promotion few weeks ago and lost all games because my team had 0 knowledge of the game. And from there, I've been just falling and falling and falling. Now im Silver IV and still falling because I cant not get a decent game. For Summary here's my last 4 game experience : game #1: I'm Lucian ADC, I have 3 kills, 0 deaths and stomping bot lane. Denying their ADC for farming etc. Mid goes 1 - 4 and rage quits. Forced to surrender at 28 min because we have no mid laner and jungler a first time karthus who does nothing to help the team. game #2: Get into lobby, 2 Trolls in lobby. Ban Champions that our team has declared, and the support picks Ezreal support. Someone dodged. game #3: Get into lobby, Thresh TOP pick, Claiming that he's OP, played him top last game. Won the game, super broken OP. Dodge. game #4: Get into game, FINALLY, I lead bot again as Ezreal, ahead with CS. Malph support starts with Dorian Shield and roaming for 8 minutes top side, not helping me at all. At somepoint Kai'sa and Leona tower dive me. I lay down some dmg, use ult, Pop my Stopwatch and get a double kill. Top Goes 0 - 5 and leaves on 15th minute. Clearly lost the game. Reporting System does not work and people are throwing report LEFT and RIGHT, every game when you are behind all your team is doing is flaming at everyone, teammate makes a stupid mistake like going 1 v 3 and then scream at you for not coming with you... I don't know...die with you ? And you get reported for some Reason that does not exist in the system. Its like...playing smart when you are behind is just getting you punished more and more in low ELO. So many leavers, who don't get banned. People who troll, wont ever be punished. There's just more and more of them... I really do hope, that one day RIOT Games finally sees this as a problem and does something with matchmaking, does a complete rework on the reporting system that clearly has failed from the go. My friends have quit the game for the same community reason and here I am now too, uninstalling this thing you like to call a game. Regards
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