Does chatban count resets to 0 if I change server

Ok folks,this will be short.I banned twice before and I deserved them.I left being toxic and I did not get banned for a long time.But I am really scared to get a 14 day ban and then a permanent ban if I get out of control in one game or system bans me for a nonsensible reason.So if I change server and get banned in that server for the first time will I receive a 10 game chat ban or 14 days account ban?. For the sake of the question I will make it easier and assume that I ve got banned 3 times and my account is banned for 14 days.If I get banned one more time in this server my ban will be permanent.But what happens if I move my account to TR or EUNE and get banned in there?Will it be permanent ban or just a simple chat ban Edit:Two more question which is related. The reason I asked the first question is because my friend in Turkish server got banned permanently without saying any bad word.I am scared that it might happen to me as well since the system is AI and AI can act weird.So here are the other two questions. 1)Does my friend has a right to contest the ban? 2)Since you get banned by AI if I write nothing in the chat is there a probability that I will get banned because of refusing to communicate with team?Because my friend tried to communicate with 3 toxic premades and he got banned.So my solution to that is writing nothing to the chat.Is there a chance that I will get banned if I do this?
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