Support goes mid.

Made a normal draft game with two friends yesterday evening. I autofilled as usual, one of my friends also. We got jungle (chosen) mid (autofill) and adc (me autofill) Our random Support seem to be autofilled also because he asks for mid. Our Midlaner says "no sorry". The guy picks Heimer as support, does not buy a support item and goes mid. Our Midlane Vel'koz tells me in ts, well Heimer is mid should i go bot? I tell him to stay mid because you just have to ignore Trolls. I play as safe as possible bot as Twitch against Sivir / Bard. Our double Midlane gets first Tower before plating falls. We win the game even with a massive Troll. We reported this guy afterwards but did not talk to him during the game. Moral of the story, dont feed the Troll.
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