An open letter to RIOT and players.

As many of you know, our community is not exactly the best within the gaming community at large. The League of Legends (LoL) community is infamous for its aggressive player base and the vast amounts of intolerance that spans from the bottom most tiers of Bronze all the way to Platinum. For the past few years i have been struggling to shrug off the "Toxic" aspects of the community in my drive to further my advancement through the competitive ranks but i find that the community is a plague and in turn is progressive, infectious and deadly to many players that want to grind there way out of the lower tiers. I do not believe that our community is beyond redemption and i doubt i ever will, but as time has passed i am beginning to believe that RIOT and the players themselves are now at a juncture where a firmer hand is required to stem this tide. With the changing rules, terms of service, tribunal system and such one would think the situation might resolve itself and perhaps calm tempers... but i am currently prone to disagree. I now believe that RIOT needs to implement a harsher strike for the harsher comments aimed at players as many of these comments might cut so deep that players are at severe risk of developing a harsh attitude of their own or suffering emotional distress due to the particular words and comments used. During my years on LoL i have noticed many players will quite openly display death threats on players, wishing for cancer on them or their loved ones, rape, assault and far worse. Among friends, i personally might forgive the occasional jab of a death threat if its veiled in a well communicated friendliness, after all we all have that one rather _interesting_ individual who will make the comment that he'll, for example, rape you in a game knowing that its going to be taken in a light heated manner because of the rapport built up between close friends and we see this openly among more famous players who stream or record tier games and interactions (Dunkey comes to mind). However as someone who has lost family members to various forms of cancer i take a great deal of offence at being told "I hope you get cancer" which is becoming a common attack seen in the game along with the aforementioned death threats, rape threats and suicide suggestions among others. As a player i find these comments simply catastrophic to my morale while in play and this will be detrimental to my ability to continue as a member of the team and will even my willingness to assist in teamfights as i would rather let the game end as a loss rather than endure further attacks. I know this does not apply to everyone and i don't intend to tar every player with the same brush as many players (whom i envy) have managed to grow a thicker skin to cope with the torrents of abuse, but i am certain there are players out there who will agree that this level of toxic behaviour is becoming an issue that is rapidly becoming out of hand when so much of it seems to go unpunished... or leniently enough to not dissuade it. As such i feel it might be time to reconsider the damage these insults can do to players in the ranked ladder and the punishments that should be dealt as a result of what may be extremely damaging comments both to the player and the community as a whole. I would like RIOT to perhaps engage in a discussion over this issue at some point in the foreseeable future or take a few days of time in the lower tiers to see exactly what i'm talking about, but until then i am happy to know what my peers and fellow players think on this matter themselves. I'd like to remind anyone reading this that we have the ability to change this medium for the better. That small acts of kindness to boost the spirits of one can ennoble us all, while allowing this to continue demeans us as people and cheapens our community to worse than the running gag it has seemingly become through the gaming universe as the bottom of the barrel
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