1 st Time Offense 14 Day Ban?

Hello Guys I recieved a 14 Day Ban for a First Time Offense earlier this Week and wanted to get your Opinion on my chatlogs and if this really should result in a instant 14 day ban for a first time offense. Game 1 XOR1: shield XOR1: ???? XOR1: wthj XOR1: tilting that you play so passive XOR1: you shield me and stay 100 m back XOR1: shield dmgf XOR1: you shield random XOR1: ffs XOR1: stay XOR1: cant expect that winning mid cant roam first XOR1: would be to much XOR1: doesnt change the fact that you are a shieldbot janna player XOR1: no random e XOR1: ffs XOR1: e when i trade XOR1: you played so def since min 1 XOR1: we were so muich stronger XOR1: taric is trash pre 6 XOR1: go roam XOR1: you dont do much here XOR1: k XOR1: gp XOR1: im just gonna jgl XOR1: why do i have to go bot XOR1: happens XOR1: no tp XOR1: 0 chance XOR1: you mean us XOR1: had 3.5 k fgold This game doesn't have a single Insult in it. Yes, it may be a bit passive agressive but since when is that bannable. Game 2 XOR1: shit happens ( XOR1: bot ni summs XOR1: pretty free shaco XOR1: god damn XOR1: p,s dont farm XOR1: thx XOR1: how bout XOR1: you shut the fk up XOR1: and play XOR1: you are fking useless XOR1: so try to play better XOR1: istead of being a little %%%%% and whine XOR1: i dont whine XOR1: i play XOR1: you are afk? XOR1: so stfu now XOR1: hit the fking tower XOR1: why you base XOR1: 1/2 XOR1: 9/0 XOR1: always fun when the worst player flames In the second game at row 8. A player (our mid) started to flame all of us his teammmates and just refused to keep playing and keep on writing insults in chat. I wanted to wake him up and just tell him he should man up and dont be a little girl and play. sadly that didnt work and he just kept afk in the game watching as they pushed mid while we tried to fight back. I made a mistake in the postgamelobby and told him to "%%%" for ruining other peoples experience. (gotta be honest and mention that here.) Do you guys think this is enough for a first time offense to result in a 14 day ban and not a 7 day ban? I personally think 7 day would have been fair but well. Edit ; K there are no 7days bans anymore. why? Chat restriction seems better punishment but well. Have a nice one.
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