The issue with the (Awful) report system

First of all, i would like to take this opportunity to take out this feeling of being hopeless towards the evolution of this community in-game. I´ve been playing since s4 and my peak has been diamond 4. In regards to these couple of days i got demoted from diamond 4 to plat 2 in less than 24 hours, it ~~might be~~ is because even though i tried to keep calm about the fact that i lost some games and ended up getting demoted to plat 1 i wasnt playing at all, like, i really know that i could have done more on a lot of those games that i lost. I´m not here to be the typical "i lose because of my team" player, my demotion is only my fault, there´s no one to blame here , i didn´t feel like i was playing nice (gonna take this week to try and find my issues in regards of why i am not playing that well) This can probably be a good starting point in the issue that i want to clarify. Ever since i started playing this game i´ve had to expierience how toxic and in some cases sickening some people can be, i reported a lot of toxic players just as many of you guys have done, the issue is that actually, after some days i check the profiles of people who just go nuts and start to denigrate people in the game (death threats to them or their families in specific ways), people who leave the game at minute 2 for a silly reason (being first blooded, being invaded, even losing a minion) and its sad to see that they are actually still playing, like, they can freely threat others about killing their dear ones over and over and over, ar they can just ruin the fun of the game by either leaving the game or running it down mid for the entirety of the game (in some cases, running it down for a while then leaving the game while flaming the living s... out of everyone). Even when u are winning a game there are players on the enemy team that just start to tell you to commit suicide just because you are playing x champion or because u ganked them. i just came from my last 2 games, when i just experienced the type of stuff that makes you lose interest in playing this game (at least, for a while). - On the first game our adc didn´t want to play with lulu as her support and told us she wasnt gonna waste her time with lulu just before going afk in less than 20 seconds into the game. - Last game our support had some wrong runes, our adc left the game before minions spawned, and then the support and toplaner left the game aswell. (I have screenshots to prove this if nessesary but at the moment i dont really thing it is.) Im about to send a ticket to try and hope that these type of players get some sort of punishment, but i have no hopes on that happening. i have no hopes because in the years that i´ve been playing this game i´ve sent some tickets to riot to report a player due to the post game report system is probably not gonna do anything (most of us do report players in post game lobby, but the reported player almost never gets punished) Nevertheless everytime i have sent a ticket to riot i have recieved responses telling me that i should report them on the post game lobby (did you seriously think that i didn´t do that before sending a ticket?). So, what is the point of even bothering to report someone who slurs and destroys the fun of the game when you know its completely worthless to do so. You might even say "just mute them" ok, that can fix the problem of players who start to flame, but eventually these type of players are the ones that end up running it down for the entirety of the game when they know they are being muted. Even though you win or lose, whats the fun of having 1 or 2 guys running into your tower for the entirety of the game, in most of the cases it gets so boring that the team that won the coinflip just go as 5 into a lane and try to end as soon as possible to get out of that type of game. So, even if you can mute someone that is being toxic u cant stop them from leaving the game or making their own desitions such as the ones i already mentioned, but if there was a way (like a report system that actually works) to make them change that type of attitude by denying them the right to play (at least on that account) for a period of time, maybe, just maybe, the toxicity that this community is known for will finally come to an end (probably not, but its worth a try). So..... yeah, i´m not really sure if i missed anything but at least i feel like i was able to get an oppinion on the flaws that are making this community just so unbearable at times. thank you for your time. (After i post this im gonna take some days off league to try to reset my mental , im way too tilted to even try to play after those last games)
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