Matchmaking Chat Report

I'd like to be able to report behaviour of players in matchmaking. There is a lot of players who threat you that they will feed or afk so that you dodge, and I find this unacceptable. Furthermore, they do so without fear of getting reported because there is no easy way to report them in matchmaking. Moreover, when they do go with it and you do report them after the game, the chat that is analyzed by the justice system doesn't contain their initial threats (as far as I'm concerned). I've recently got a few matchmaking where players do this in ranked diamond games, and as someone that takes the game seriously, I find this can be a turning point in which I either have to dodge or lose my game and get tilted because of player who do this kind of things intentionally. I honestly don't mind losing to players or teams that are better. I know I have much to learn still, but when people do it in this way and they get away with it, it is simply not fair and suggests something is indeed wrong with the system. Cheers.
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