No ban accounts in new Alpha Client ?

I have had an amazing game as a bot laner with a blitzcrank supp who went AP , with AP starting item and then left bot lane and went mid and stayed there. Alone in bot lane I went 0-4 with their jungler diving easy on me and killing me, which makes sense. Then support and mid started flaming me in the most crazy way . Deaths , diseases and other from the guyz that actually created the mess ( they where probably flex buddies ). I reported them after game and nothing happened. In the old client in such "flamboyant" cases there was instant feedback that their accounts where blocked. In the new client I didn't get any feedback like that. Moreover I tried to block them in my client but there is no such option !!! I cannot find how you block people !!! It used to be really easy ! Do you think this will lead to a better gaming experience ?
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