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hardys77 6 oct., 12:49 p.m. PDT Game 1 hardys77: EU at worlds 0-4 so far. Nice hardys77: pls dont push it hardys77: ok hardys77: push it hardys77: smart hardys77: im done hardys77: fyi hardys77: push it hardys77: look at leona hardys77: xd hardys77: you psuh lane minute 2 hardys77: I will farm what? hardys77: psuh more hardys77: leona is mid, kayn pushing bot lane. what am I supposed to do? hardys77: XD hardys77: ? hardys77: you took 2 waves of cs hardys77: happens. hardys77: they dive me hardys77: why would you report me hardys77: I was 1v2 hardys77: xd hardys77: alright, you're reported for flame. hardys77: playing without support is fun hardys77: see that's flame hardys77: thanks hardys77: I ahve a reason to report you now hardys77: muted hardys77: do I have to report you too? hardys77: for what? hardys77: for being 1v2 hardys77: I can't wait hardys77: to get banned hardys77: looking forward to get banned for nothing hardys77: Because I was 1v2 whole game and you took all the cs hardys77: and Im behind hardys77: CANT WAIT hardys77: and you all being toxic hardys77: we'll see who gets punished. hardys77: wanan bet? hardys77: I won't get banned. There is no reason :) hardys77: I didn't hardys77: 4 reports for toxic will be enough. hardys77: I didnt press no hardys77: i pressed yes. Game 2 hardys77: whoa noice hardys77: can we ff 15 now? hardys77: gank > drake hardys77: he has no r hardys77: .. hardys77: xd hardys77: im afk at 20. hardys77: you died solo to taht trist hardys77: who is behind af hardys77: he has r hardys77: me? hardys77: wat hardys77: he is trolling hardys77: i give up hardys77: 0/6 hardys77: I will farm bot. hardys77: did you really hardys77: tp for that hardys77: woa hardys77: yeah, go on. hardys77: yep hardys77: I can also report you for negative,blaming and verbal. hardys77: happens hardys77: move on hardys77: ff next time hardys77: and we can all go on hardys77: you blame hardys77: ^and trash talk hardys77: same shit. hardys77: toxic. hardys77: I was waiting for gold hardys77: how about you deleting me 1,8k hp in 1 sec? hardys77: thats ok, right? hardys77: because your armor boots should deny all his dmg,right? hardys77: reported for toxic hardys77: enjoy. hardys77: sick plays elise. hardys77: gg Game 3 hardys77: make that 3000 hardys77: why do you even talk? hardys77: quality hardys77: adc hardys77: you gave her 3 kills hardys77: aw hardys77: really? hardys77: unlucky. hardys77: yep hardys77: feelsbadman hardys77: you lost that 4v4 hardys77: lol hardys77: can you report her for flame? xd hardys77: how is veigar abusive? hardys77: you are the one flaming everyone hardys77: you are losing 4v4 hardys77: idk hardys77: when you he gets banned he gonna cry on boards asking what he did wrong xd hardys77: i didnt press R whoaaa im boosted hardys77: at least im not stuck plat 5 hardys77: no one cares, you're toxic hardys77: you are toxic hardys77: you gonna get banned. hardys77: enjoy. hardys77: I wont anymore hardys77: because you lost 4v4? hardys77: teemo didnt leave top. I wont either hardys77: you got squashed 4v4 I want to know what players think, is this worthy of a 10 games chat restriction + demoted to level honor 1 from honor level 5 and no season rewards. Not complaining, I just want to know what you guys think. Thank you.
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