Bans/Honor Levels and the harsh reality.

So , Riot has made pretty good progress to make the game less toxic, with introducing honor levels and being consistent on banning people when their behavior is unsportsmanlike. Even though I agree with their decisions on game toxicity , I cant seem to understand why the correlation between Honor Level and Bans is so Harsh! What i mean by this is , is it actually fair that you might have honor level 4 , but as soon as you get banned for whatever reason ( even for just a 3 game chat restriction) you lose everything you gained and you move back to honor level 0 or 1? I find this to be extremely annoying and unfair. There has to be something better to be done in response to this. In general , the point im trying to make , its so incredibly hard to gain Honor levels, but its so easily lost. even with 1 game that u get reported you can lose every level you have gained . Does anyone else feel the same way I do?
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