Toxic behavior, cursing etc.

Greetings fellow summoners. So I was playing a normal game with {{champion:50}} and out of nowhere this guy playing {{champion:59}} starts flaming me, cursing me and my family. Don't get me wrong this was not your typical flamer, no, this guy wished cancer upon my family for no reason whatsoever, we were winning the whole game, it was preety easy, and then at one moment i ask this guy; if i can take the blue buff, he replies, and i qoute '' F*** you, cancer on your family and just takes the blue buff from me''... I am not usualy offended by what people in an online game say, but this guy just shocked me, out of nowhere... So I reported him and I actualy can't do anything more then that, and since he was with his premade i am the only one who reported him and they all reported me just for reporting him. REPORTCEPTION {{champion:17}} xD. Is there any way that toxic and unsportsmenlike PREMADE teams of 3-4 people can be punished??? RITO PLZ{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} _**Moderator's note**: redacted the name(s) due to naming & shaming, please follow the [Universal Rules](!_
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