Banned for defending against 3 ppl premade bullies

Hello, here is my experience of todays game round. First our jungler intentionally banned the Zoe which I had picked in the "pre select". I didnt know what to play so I just picked Jhin for the mid. (I dont have many champs and it was just 1 sec left) Here are the "Text reasons for my ban" NexIbit: cait NexIbit: you hard ahead NexIbit: you have to follow NexIbit: to stay ahead This was after cait went 4 0 1 in her lane kept pushing her lane while 3 people dived me in mid and I got killed. There is NO insult or anything. NexIbit: dude NexIbit: stop taking all farm NexIbit: yes This was our support bard who intentionally fed the enemies and ulted us to make our game impossible to play. He took like 2x a minion wave of 15-30 minions which I could have needed and when i was already on my way to it. No Insult here either. NexIbit: gg "Really?" For a GG after a lost teamfight where the game was already over. NexIbit: lol i just troll picked cause i didnt know what to play else NexIbit: btw thanks for the ban :) Yeah a little bit passive aggressive. Still NO insulting and the troll pick well see above got my champ banned had nothing else in mind to play and no time left for pick. NexIbit: oh sorry didnt knew you failed a trap on a porting tf tho NexIbit: %%%%% NexIbit: you worse Yeah this time I was aggressive. I was really mad. I failed to sidestep a TF Q when i was slowed and they made fun of me. So I insulted and said she aint better. TF ulted into her and she failed the trap which is like even more impossible to do than failing 1 sidestep. NexIbit: pls write that again NexIbit: do it pls :) NexIbit: you know you get banned for 1 week if i report you know NexIbit: enjoy your bans for the word Here 2 of the 3 man premade said "%%%" multiple times to me. NexIbit: better teamcomp wins NexIbit: sorry wasnt me who banned the actual midlaner i wanted NexIbit: right was you NexIbit: :) Some passive aggressive shit again after they insulted me again. :) NexIbit: and yeah writinge %%% to anyone results in a ban of at least 1 week :) so enjoy it NexIbit: can you report cait and master yi pls both said %%% multiple times to me :) NexIbit: thats not good behaviour NexIbit: lets clean the com :) SO THIS IS RIDICULOUS i told other people they wrote %%% to me and that this is bad behaviour and asked the other team to report them for it. Besides the "%%%%%" there IS NOTHING I would deserve a ban for. The 3 premades which I reported got no BAN or something but I got a 14 days ban for this. PS: Riot didnt send me their chat they only sended what I wrote over ehm 15-20 minutes. HaveANiceDay
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