The tribunal is not fair!

Ok, I`m starting to get so pissed off because i think RIOT Tribunal is not fair with the types of judgment idk how you verify the players ...but i got my account on EUW suspended for 2 weeks becuase of 4 premades ..thats not fair...they all agree if u get banned or not? why is that posible i didnt do anything at one point i have to defend my honor as a person they kept swearing and kept insult me ...and now for the second time the same ...3 premades tell in CHAT ALL ...that im flaming and i verbal abuse them but its not true!...i was defending myself! im done with this game and im gonna spread the word cause you from RIot do nothing about it ! u just ban accounts but with no fact and arguments! ...pls do check before you do suspend our accounts and talk with us!...
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