So... i was going for a ranked game, climbing to plat atm. Doing good, like 70% winrate. So i want to play my jhin, tell team dont ban him, enemy does. No big deal. I see the free to plays and feel like thresh top. I pick thresh top. Flame. Game starts. More Flame. I am vs Tham (<- OP AS HELL BUT K) and die at level 3. Flame. then i kinda fck up and die again. Flame. OPEN MID PLEASE JUST PUSH MID (<- the whole team exept our adc ) REPORT TRESH FCKING TROLl ban him WATCHING STREAMER COPYING etc. So me and the adc deffend mid. rest is literally afk at bot lane. They keep spamming REPORT THRESH OMFG TROLL PLS BAN I and the ADC ofcourse cant deffend 2v5 and die trying. so im 0-7-2 and the game ends min 12. And the worst thing is. Because of all the flame my team did in all chat, the enemy actually thought i was trolling and got mad at me when i tried to explain what happend. Also team said he troll cuz he dont pick jhin (name) which i said was no big deal. I didnt write much over the entirety of the game because i realised you really cant argue with those people. Now i want to know, can i get banned for Intentionall feed even if i really did not a single death intentionally? Because how it looked all the 12 year olds filled a report.
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