Proposal: Make ranked games value more in Honor system

Hello! At this moment the only viable strategy to get at least honor 2 for people who made a misstep and were penalized is to spam ARAMs, or rotating game modes, since people do not frequently report others in these modes, and the only way to get honor is to play games, in which you are not reported. ARAM games are faster and the atmosphere there is not that toxic that it is in rankeds. I am currently playing in Plat 1 which is considered to be the most toxic elo(by Reddit though), and I feel that in my like 30% of losses, when I do not speak and do not feed, someone will just report all 4 other teammates because he is just salty. My proposal is: make ranked games where you are not reported be more valuable, since it is much tougher task to not get reported in them and game timers in general are 2-3 times longer than in ARAM.

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