i think boards misunderstood my intentions

my intentions were never to promote toxicity even if i am harsh on riot sometimes in my posts because i wanted them to improve their shitty system and i can sympathize with toxic players because getting banned never feels nice, i know the feeling anyways that's not our topic, if someone is complaining about bans it's their own fault, if someone is still getting banned in this day and age especially IN GAME because the in game system is much more lenient, it's their own damn fault no question about it i don't support ban lifts, or deescalations of bans triggered by riot employees (cause you can deescalate it yourself ) but if it ever happens it should happen to everyone and not "select few" I sometimes wonder what even the word "toxic" means to this community because complaining or saying wtf why u do x (obviously questionable thing) is toxic to some people but whatever, we all know what the term means in its general sense even if some take it to the extreme, the ones who claim toxicity on everything and the ones who want to be toxic no matter what are both at fault imo my suggestions to improve system include two important things: - a ban system that actually cares about context and punishes the one who instigates bans harder than the one who responds to them because in my eyes passive flamers and active flamers are not the same and shouldn't be treated the same - a matchmaking that actually gives sense that doesn't place people with huge skill difference with/against each other so all the petty wars of 'you are so noob" "no you" could be avoided and the games are less setressful in general, doesn't excuse people acting in that way but we should put some effort into reducing the likelihood of it happening aside of that i don't have much to add if i act toxic on boards sometimes it's because i am a bit short tempered (sorry if anyone was affected by this i am trying to improve) i never intended to let the hell loose on the community by letting every toxic player do whatever they want, ik i probably don't have that much effect on how the boards behave but just in case we can't rule it out, giving every toxic player a voice shouldn't happen cause most of them are not reasonable and i put too much misplaced faith on people possibly wronged by the system but i wish everyone tries to improve in themselves a little including rito
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