Flaming vs. Borderline Inting ?

So a while ago I had a lengthy discussion with a Riot member whose name I will leave out. But basically towards the end of the discussion, I asked him: Would you rather have a flaming teammember or a borderline inting one? (Assuming the flamer plays average to good) Example: 6/4 Annie Midlane vs. 1/12 Yasuo Toplane but Annie is toxic/flaming. I told him that to me personally, a flaming teammember is a much better teammember to have than a borderline inting one. The simple reason being: You can mute the flamer and everything is A-Okay. Now try clicking a button to make the Yasuo not int. You can't. The Yasuo will cost you time, LP and frustration. The Annie will give you a shot at winning the game and a bit of frustration maybe, depending on your mentality. And then the Riot member, literally, dead-seriously told me he'd rather have an intentionally feeding player in his team than a flaming one, but he could not explain why he would even say or think that. Because like I said, you can fix the outgoing issue with the Annie player with a simple mouseclick but you cannot fix the outgoing issue with the Yasuo player. So what do you guys think? Would you rather have an average or decent playing flamer or a terrible player who is borderline inting in your team?
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