Tipps for handling anger issues?

So yeah I do have some problems with raging, I simply don't know what to do. My problem isn't if I lose games and no matter if I fked up or if my team feeds I get anfry on a normal lvl, maybe kinda salty but often I'm like “you know what, fk oit, it was one game I couldn't win, hop to the next one or take a break.“ What I struggle with is when being mocked. If one of my teammates insults me or blames me for stuff that makes no sence, or if an enemy feels like he has to abuse me. One of my biggest problems are when someone who performed worse than me in a game starts putting me down with no sence. As example when I ripped my enemy laner totally appart but couldn't hard carry the game since my champ simply was not a hypercarry. And having one if those games which pop up 1 - 2 times in 10 games you really can't carry. The enemy I beat down starts spamming me with insults as example “bronze scrub“ Now for some it may be easy, just mute and ignore it, for me it isn't it really botherd me, even if I mute them. I always feel like I have to justify myself and this is where I shouldn't feed the troll. He knows he is wrong but does that to provoke me, I can bring up as many facts as I want he doesn't care even if he is obviously wrong he says “you suck haha“ I really don't know what I can do to keep calm. I just get crazy mad. Can anyone give me some advices with that?
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