I sometimes still wonder how am i still playing this game...

I just wanted to try to play Akali again, since she's getting reworked and all. Ya know, just to feel her OPness for the last time. At the champ select, i get 2 instalock junglers that flamed eachother??? Then i asked for ganks cause i have no idea how to play vs Heimerdinger as Akali. And suddenly both of them start to act like best friends and just start being toxic against me with things like "Rengar, should we just report Akali for flame and int?" (Shaco and Rengar were junglers) and the rengar just said "ye" casually, cause reporting people for not saying anything and not being so good at this game is very logical <3 At the end of the game i get lovely presents like "ITS PHATETIC THAT I WAS BETTER PLAYING THAN U WITH RENGAR!!!" "Go to your bronze league" https://gyazo.com/0cc9d78f2d396a90bc81c1d2f9ceb8b8 Thanks for reading, it's just a little story about how you should never play blind pick x)))
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