This Christmas I wish for better players in League of Legends!

Hello, summoners, players and staff, I've came here to share my thoughts about player's behavior, which I've been holding for 8 years! So as we all know, normally league of legends players are specially known to be toxic(not saying that other players from other games aren't ok?). And I know normally "new players" can be a little bit childish and inconsistent. I know alot of my friends have given up from league of legends for that main reason. Because let's be honest, it's frustating to play a game when the average time is 30/60 min (summoner's rift mode) and the whole game we're continously trying to mend or make the actual game better... It's completely unfair for most players having afk, toxic or none players in a summoner's rift game. Of course we can all give reports to players, but that doesnt change this issue, does it? So I have came to a solution and specially writing this for the specific staff department of Players Behavior of League of Legends. It should exist better tutorials for those "new players" who already took too many reports, mainly for intentional feeding. Some very intensive tutorials where players could really learn how to play with the team or in teamfight. Tutorials that could show players how to be polite and respectfull towards eachother. Tutorials that would teach how to really play this game (maybe influenced by professional players and coaches, no? That would be great!). Imagine these toturials more like intensive classes. Oh, and these classes would be great in CO-OP mode, with "smart bots"? (more than the actual bots). And imagine, for these specific players, instead of getting the account banned permanently or temporally, they could play in their account but the game wouldn't let them play online games and would only play these classes that i mentioned... I think this suggestion would be great, so we can have healthy and happy games. And why healthy? I'll tell you. For some of my friends, and i think for most of the League of Legends players playing this game its like, "Oh, today im so tired of the school/job, im gonna play some league of legends to rest some" but then the game that players play its actually more stressing than the school or the job.... Can someone relate?... Please leave coments about what you all think about these stituation. And i really want to get League of Legends better! {{item:4402}} League of Legends staff please tell what you think! Im all ears! Best regards, {{champion:23}} OInvicto. {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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