Dear Riot

I was doing a ranked game in Silver VI. I wanted to get to Gold as fast as possible but my last game went 13/47/15 vs. the enemy team 47/13/52. I was standing 11/8/1 and had for example a renekton who was standing 1/15. I had two Guys on my Team who trolled on purpose and didnt even tried to win the Game or help the team at all. Now I am asking you, are you doing something against trolls or flamers? In my opinion the Report system is completely useless because absolutely no one will get banned from it. I really dont know if theres a bot for everything who handles all the reports or some guy who doesnt understand the situtation where the players are in but I think you should work more on the banning system or support system instead of creating too many skins, champions, wards or anything. You already made the bounty higher to give the players at least a chance to win the game but it is impossible to win or have fun in the game when there is for example a fed Katarina who oneshots everything and everyone and your team doesnt give any crap about it and jumps into the Katarina to suicide. Even if you try to have fun in the game and play a normal (where a lot of people flame too) with for example Nunu with Crit or attack speed or something you will get reported because you arent playing the normal build ( even if you are successful with it) Now I am asking you, is it fun to play this game anymore?
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