So i did`t know how to ask this, but since a lot of players have **Permabanned **accounts (lets say for 1, 2+ yrs) will you ever unban those accounts,create some **reform system** or anything.I know you think they **behaved/raged/said things** but still to permanently ban acc (not even on some period exp 1yr or 6 months) it is kinda harsh.Also now day for writing "**%%%**" just becouse you are angry doesnt mean you need to get you acc banned.Please fix your system and stop banning players for verbal (inapropriate language) ban the idoits who run down and int.And just a thing if player is dumb in the{{sticker:sg-shisa} game or did something dumb, ofc they`ll get flamed.You can`t expect fully paceful community in the Online game.Fix this. Thank you. (sry for grammar mistakes if they are some) {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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