What i learned from League!

I play football (Soccer). After playing some competative team games of LoL for some months i take the things i learn in game and try to implement it in my football team... Things i implement : 1. When i enter the wardrobe i say to my team or my coach "%%%% You, im going to play striker or ill %%%%ing make own goals"! 2. When the coach read who is going to play where and which position and what tactic should be, i start telling everyone wtf they need to do, and listen to me, believe in my vision, as long as they do wtf i say, we win.."ill carry u guys, i have played in championship in England 2 years ago". The game starts 3. My midfielder lose the pass..oh shit.."you %%%% noob, you here to play football or tetris, wtf, are you blind..%%%% these noobs, buy proper shoes while playing you poor %%%%, you from Poland?" 4. I get pass that i need to make a bit effort to reach "Pfff..%%%% that, im not runnin and helping out there, run your self you noob, straighten up your head before making a pass" 5. I miss a goal, "%%%% this team, cant even help out, cant pass, cant peel me, cant do shit, i have to do everything, every game same shit". 6. I go afk in the middle of an attack since im so pissed the %%%% off and sit down on the bench to demonstarte that "%%%% this team" 7. I sit on the bench and not only do i demonstarte that i dont give a shit about this team, but i also start yelling shit about my team to the oppenent team, and even tell the refree to "book" my teamplayers since they are so bad. "hey refree, it should be auto red card for beeing so shit in football give my defender a red card pls ffs" 8. From the bench "I hope my cancer team loses 10-0.."...ah %%%% this..and i go back in the match to make 2 or 3 more own goals... Team loses, game ends bad..well the best thing is... Im there for the next match again.... Here we go again.....
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