Back at it again with the white knight bans

Game 1 (Varus was a troll, watched me and sivir fight level 1 and pinging and laughed/type im useless. Sure I went off on one, big time, swore a fair bit, and then had a civil conversation with the ori after the game about it. I don't believe this Varus is innocent of shit, he came into that game trolling so assumedly had been having a bad morning or just liked to %%%% with people in ranked. I stand by my constant proclamaitions that varus should be reported, like to think repetition will achieve the goal of getting him reported, as you all know there are plenty of enemy team players that love a troll, as it wins them the game and they'll absolve them of all wrongdoing.) Pre-Game BlackFrankWhíte: yeah i dont have a tank supp In-Game BlackFrankWhíte: ok varus BlackFrankWhíte: report this troll of an adc BlackFrankWhíte: going to troll btw :) varus %%%%ed me already BlackFrankWhíte: no chance BlackFrankWhíte: cant even last hit BlackFrankWhíte: go afk BlackFrankWhíte: todl you BlackFrankWhíte: varus is trolling BlackFrankWhíte: lol mate BlackFrankWhíte: you know you're a troll BlackFrankWhíte: you literally watched me and sivir fight and you did nothing BlackFrankWhíte: then you cant cs BlackFrankWhíte: and then int BlackFrankWhíte: please for the love of god BlackFrankWhíte: report this %%%%ing %%%% of a troll BlackFrankWhíte: ori stfu BlackFrankWhíte: varus is trolling BlackFrankWhíte: and you're acting like this is a fair disagreement BlackFrankWhíte: %%%% you BlackFrankWhíte: report BlackFrankWhíte: see BlackFrankWhíte: im not the problem BlackFrankWhíte: its this %%%%ing varys BlackFrankWhíte: coming into ranked BlackFrankWhíte: and trolling BlackFrankWhíte: %%%%ing loser varus BlackFrankWhíte: get a life BlackFrankWhíte: ruining peoples fun on a game because you're miserable BlackFrankWhíte: 34 cs at 10 mins BlackFrankWhíte: why did i stay BlackFrankWhíte: stayed to try help varus BlackFrankWhíte: what a mistake BlackFrankWhíte: enjoy the rest of the game solo BlackFrankWhíte: see talon BlackFrankWhíte: varus just trolling BlackFrankWhíte: i want to stab the f's into my eyes BlackFrankWhíte: report varus BlackFrankWhíte: doesnt get more overt than what hes doing, if only he had the balls to type in all chat what he says in ours BlackFrankWhíte: more useful on me BlackFrankWhíte: more shields and speed uops BlackFrankWhíte: 49 cs BlackFrankWhíte: you can solo? BlackFrankWhíte: varus: mid lane > baron BlackFrankWhíte: report him. BlackFrankWhíte: 52 cs at nearly 30 minutes BlackFrankWhíte: clearly a troll BlackFrankWhíte: report him BlackFrankWhíte: you're reported too ori BlackFrankWhíte: %%%%ing hate people like you BlackFrankWhíte: act like everyone is equally at fault BlackFrankWhíte: when it isnt the case BlackFrankWhíte: stop writing BlackFrankWhíte: stop writing what? BlackFrankWhíte: that the adc trolled for 30 minutes? BlackFrankWhíte: well dont be %%%%ing fair BlackFrankWhíte: when oene person is clearly a %%%% and trolling BlackFrankWhíte: bc ill start trollign too if you want BlackFrankWhíte: no he isnt bad BlackFrankWhíte: he is BlackFrankWhíte: %%%%ing BlackFrankWhíte: trolling BlackFrankWhíte: wont farm BlackFrankWhíte: wont hgelp BlackFrankWhíte: it will actually BlackFrankWhíte: im making sure you lot report him BlackFrankWhíte: as he deserves to be banned BlackFrankWhíte: gg wp BlackFrankWhíte: report varus please and thank you BlackFrankWhíte: ty for being so fair ori :) BlackFrankWhíte: great job Post-Game BlackFrankWhíte: keep up the fairness ori BlackFrankWhíte: 55 cs in 30 mins BlackFrankWhíte: 0 kills BlackFrankWhíte: but nah BlackFrankWhíte: we're all to blame BlackFrankWhíte: "flaming wont help" BlackFrankWhíte: no? BlackFrankWhíte: if i dont BlackFrankWhíte: no one will report him BlackFrankWhíte: seeing as no one has anyway BlackFrankWhíte: %%%%ing useless game BlackFrankWhíte: %%%%s like him get to roam free and ruin others games BlackFrankWhíte: you want to win? BlackFrankWhíte: get rid of trolls. BlackFrankWhíte: i did. BlackFrankWhíte: impossible 1v2 BlackFrankWhíte: heres a helpful hint BlackFrankWhíte: type BlackFrankWhíte: "yeah reprot him" BlackFrankWhíte: and ill stop asking BlackFrankWhíte: bear that in mind for next time BlackFrankWhíte: i did BlackFrankWhíte: i peeled talon and yi BlackFrankWhíte: which is pointless when your adc is farming mid BlackFrankWhíte: pinging the fight on baron BlackFrankWhíte: no you cant change them BlackFrankWhíte: you can ban them BlackFrankWhíte: and make sure they arent in your ranked games for a while BlackFrankWhíte: so do that, just say you'll report him and people will stop crying about it BlackFrankWhíte: gg wp Game 2 (Yeah I called voli useless and kai trash, but they called me it first, hence the "too" for kai as she had just called me it. Not defending my actions with she started it, but don't see how one person gets banned for that language and the other doesn't. I saw both these players again funnily enough and they were toxic in that game too, so 2/3 ain't bad?) In-Game BlackFrankWhíte: man come on BlackFrankWhíte: voli the useless bear BlackFrankWhíte: good for you BlackFrankWhíte: you're not only bad voli BlackFrankWhíte: you have a bad attitude BlackFrankWhíte: 0 ganks BlackFrankWhíte: report voli pls BlackFrankWhíte: do your only job BlackFrankWhíte: gank BlackFrankWhíte: muted BlackFrankWhíte: reported BlackFrankWhíte: you're trash too kai BlackFrankWhíte: ulting into tower BlackFrankWhíte: coupled with a bear that wont gank BlackFrankWhíte: loss BlackFrankWhíte: well voli and kayle reported :) BlackFrankWhíte: trolling in ranked BlackFrankWhíte: gg wp? BlackFrankWhíte: erport coli Post-Game BlackFrankWhíte: always enjoyable when a jungler refuses to gank lanes :) Game 3 (Nauti swain combo, vs a lulu.. so everytime I got hooked or stunned, I was insta-dead, no flame as you can see, just me telling the ivern who was hard flaming me he's a horrible person.) Pre-Game BlackFrankWhíte: supp In-Game BlackFrankWhíte: trying to light my joint :( BlackFrankWhíte: swain appears to be being abused lately, his pull is filthy combo BlackFrankWhíte: i dont want to play this anymore :\ can we ff? BlackFrankWhíte: cant do anything, one cc and you're dead BlackFrankWhíte: i want to kill myself.. dont trhink ive ever had such a horrible experience botlane, ever.. BlackFrankWhíte: i am gold 4, and you are a very nasty person ivern.. just having a bad game, untintentional deaths and you refuse to help. BlackFrankWhíte: ez is here BlackFrankWhíte: ivern afk? BlackFrankWhíte: wp team BlackFrankWhíte: if she gets it, worth 100% BlackFrankWhíte: 0.3 seconds, and im high so im never gonna react that fast XD Post-Game BlackFrankWhíte: gg wp all BlackFrankWhíte: you really going to report me? BlackFrankWhíte: i said nothing BlackFrankWhíte: you guys gonna report me? really BlackFrankWhíte: i literally did nothing but lose hard XD BlackFrankWhíte: well BlackFrankWhíte: thats depressing BlackFrankWhíte: gg wp sivir BlackFrankWhíte: sorry for that game bro BlackFrankWhíte: yeah he was real nastty BlackFrankWhíte: but oh well BlackFrankWhíte: gg wp to you sivir and zed :) Waiting for the white knights and people claiming any form of naughtiness is bannable/punishable in this game, but for the realists, this is total bs. I get I'm now on a 14 day suspension because of all the other shit I've done. But these three games don't deserve the punishment given imo. I'd also beseech you to make a new account and play on EUW; you'll see why people flame and afk hard for the first 20 or so levels. Pure hell.
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