Save league, don't be a premade asshole

Hello, Normal games and even flex queue have a huge issue and it's getting worse and worse by the day. I really can't believe to what it's headed to. I've never seen more premade 3-4 man groups taking on the one solo player as i do now. It's insane! Everything is your fault, if you try to give an advice or ask for cooperation you get instantly flamed and they keep telling lies on all chat so that enemy team reports you and of course they will believe the freaking 3-4 man group spouting lie after lie and not the guy trying to do just play the game. I'm not really concerned about being banned cause i know that the reports will be checked and i have done nothing wrong. But i'm sure that reports diminish your chances to get honor upgrades or even make you drop your honor for no reason. This needs to stop and the community needs to stop ganking on the one or two guys who just aren't in your dumb friend list for no reason what so ever. I'm an "old" man already (28 years), i don't play league that often now and nor do my friends so i can't always join as a premade on my own to avoid this shit, so it's frustrating as hell having to deal with it. Sure mute works for the reminder of that game, but you still get reported for no reason just because your "team mates" keep telling untrue shit in all chat.
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