Something has to be done about these queues because...jesus christ.

Captured with Lightshot
Any person with an arrow pointed towards them is who I'm referencing. First game on the list; Enemy Teemo went AFK after team was getting stomped. Second game on the list: Cho'gath quit the game, Nami called me shit the entire game, MF told me to get cancer on several occasions. Third game on the list: Nasus JG Darkharvest fed a couple times after camping top, quit the game. Fourth game on the list: Sivir got tilted and decided to ignore the team, went solo-drake while everyone went Baron, refusal to play the game. Fifth game on the list: Katarina under mid turret to get a kill, failed, intentionally fed and refused to play the game the entireity of the game until it ended. I lost my cool and flamed the %%%% out of Katarina, got chat restricted. Caitlyn told me to die several times. Nami spam pinged and told me I'm a shit player the entire round. Sixth game on the list: Lee sin was tilted due to dying, my team invaded his JG and he just stood still auto-attacking camps, refusal to play. Seventh game on the list: Nasus went AFK after dying 5 times. Eighth game on the list: THE GODS OF OLYMPUS DECENDED FROM THEIR THRONES AND BLESSED ME WITH A GAME WHERE NOBODY WAS TOXIC WE WERE ALL JUST SLIGHTLY WORSE, A DESERVED LOSS. MAY THE GODS BE PRAISED. Ninth game on the list: Killed Vlad in lane to the point he refused to play the game, didn't fight back, straight up int. Tenth game on the list: Teemo support lost lane hard, went AFK, then came top, died, left then the cycle repeats. These are just my recent 10 games. After I lose a game, I take a break because I do not want to play on tilt but it's kind of bullshit when every single game, not an exaggeration is like this. Queues are not healthy because player behaviour isn't being punished. People who leave in ranked games should recieve ranked games, if your connection is the one at fault and not yourself, that's too bad, consider what your connection is doing to the other players on your team. Because if my internet was bad enough that I cannot confidently join a league lobby and see it to the end of the game, I wouldn't queue it at all because it's not fair. People who leave games should recieve -2LP for every player on the game from their own loss and game. Or at least something needs to be done because again, every game is like this. None of what I have said are exaggerations, you are welcome to watch the replays on any of these games to verify my accusations but I'm so tired of this dude, I just had to dodge a game because my midlaner picked the JG's pick and then the JG picked Brand JG with Cleanse and Ghost - that isn't punishable behaviour but hey, here I am suffering from the 30 minute queue for the sake of my own MMR which has been throughly %%%%ed by soloqueue. Essentially what you have with league right now is a bunch of normal people on permabanned accounts because they slipped up on several occasions where someone was intentionally feeding in their game, they cannot reform because on their next account they are being held with the same reception. I am not talking about the people who wish cancer upon people for playing bad, those deserve it. I'm talking about the players who take out their frustration on the intentional feeding players and getting punished for it. Humans have emotions and you cannot expect them to filter into a system where they have to ignore common social interactions for the sake of another player who they don't like, that just isn't reasonable. I love league, I love how mastery of champions matters in this game and how impactful you can be, I love the competitive spirit and throughly enjoy this game but players attitudes are absolutely disgusting and nothing is being done against them. Please do something.
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