My two cents about "elo-hell"

Hey everyone :) So, there are as many opinions about this as there are individual players. I'd like to share mine. Let me get straight to the point then. Some people who are stuck in, let's say bronze 5, say they are in elo hell and get bad player every single game and that this is the reason they can't get out of there. Well, if you go 0/5 or even worse in laning phase, have 50 farm at 20 minutes and you place no wards during the whole game (except this one trinket your jungler asked to place at the red buff at 0:45), you're not in elo-hell, you're just bad. If you win your laning phase almost every time and go 5/0, have decent farm but forget about farming completely when the laning phase is over, never upgrade your trinket and never buy any wards, you're still only good at 1v1 laning, but unfortunately for you, League is a team game. Okay, now you probably already understood that I think I deserve to be in better elo than where I am. Why is that? Well, maybe some of you can relate to this but I genuinely feel, every single game, that I am better than they are and that my team is literally dragging me down. You might now say as they all say "but if you are so good then your team has 4 out of 5 chance to win and the other team has 5 out of 5". Yes, in a way you are right, but then again, I feel that I am more advanced than not only the players on my team, but also on the other team. Why? On both teams, every single game, I see the same mistakes that I myself never do since I first got out of bronze back in Season 3. Including: -Chasing kills brainlessly, not giving a single care if more enemies are about to come, or if there is any vision around, or if there are any objectives to take instead of chasing or not. They just chase. Hungry for frags they just keep chasing anything that looks like an enemy to them, brainlessly. -Vision. Nobody cares about it. Nobody. Not my team, nor the enemy team, there are no upgraded trinkets in the whole game unless I spam my team chat every second to spend that stupid 250 gold to get free wards every minute. And even then only one or two people decide to do it. And when they do it they forget they did and don't place wards anyway. Everyone thinks warding is the support's job and tend to forget that one person can place only 3 wards. If a whole team would do it, that would make 15 wards. 90% of my every-day games would be victories if we even had 7 regular and 3 pink wards on the map at all times. But we don't. And nobody notices it, except me and I just can't seem to be able to fix it. -Objectives. Nobody gives a damn about them. Turrets, dragon, baron, nothing. Oh, we just killed 3 of the enemy team, including the jungler and the ADC? We must chase the tank and the midlaner at once! Although we could take at least 2 turrets and a dragon instead. We need kills! For no apparent reason, we need them! People in my elo rather sieging a turret 5v5 than taking it for free. They rather teleporting and flash-stealing a dragon than taking it for free. They rather losing 30 farm + the turret that's killing the minions than just going and taking the farm. And there is more, a lot more. But I really hope a lot of you can relate and won't flame me in comments. And the worst thing is, I might have better mechanics and understanding of the game than most of the people I play with, but I just cannot solo-carry every single game. Damn, sometimes even 1v5 with bots gets difficult. Who do I have to be to solo carry myself out of this and start playing with people who understand that it is a team game and that the game is won by taking objectives not scoring as many frags as they possible? Also, trolls, afkers and brainless feeders. Yes, I'm talking about those who come to picks & bans and say "I AM GOING TO TROLL AND FEED THIS GAME BECAUSE I HATE EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING, INCLUDING MYSELF AND MY MISERABLE LIFE"; and they actually go 0-30 in 20 minutes. Also those who go afk after they see our team give away first blood, and those who accidentally give away first blood themselves, then rush back into lane and charge on their opponents in order to "payback", but result in giving them even more kills. Do you get those in Challenjour or even Diamond, like, every game? I don't think so. I call it elo-hell.
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