Please disable in-game chat and add more pings

It is now the 20th ranked game in this season that I lose cause one player starts to perma flame another player,so the second player goes afk and we end up losing a sure victory game.I have tried everything that I can,I ask them politely to mute each other,try to politely explain to them that it is a team game,that we will lose a sure victory game bla bla bla.NOTHING! Can you do something about this please? This is not fun anymore,seriously,I spend more time typing to calm down my teammates that I use to play.I understand that a huge percentage of players are kids or bad mannered people,but enough is enough,this is not group therapy or psychology school. And reports are not helping at all,I don't care if their accounts will be punished,nothing will give me back my lost LP and time. Just add more pings and delete the in-game chat,it is totally useless and only creates problems to the game itself.
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