Normal PvP flaming

Greetings League of Legends community. I have recently returned from about a year or perhaps longer away from League Of Legends and have enjoyed communities of other games some more than others when an old friend asked me to return for some casual PvP games and have come to realize how easy it is to get flamed in this one. Now i am not going to go to the buzzwords "Toxic" "Cancer" etc but having said that i have had some pretty awful abuse not just from my own teams but enemy teams as well phrases such as "omg lucker" when i survived on over half health seem to be rife within the games i have been having but it's my own team that gets it worse. Mistakes will be made, some players will be more out of sync with random players than others, games will be won and lost but what gets me the most in this is the fact its "Normal mode" there are no ranks lost here this is literally just a pick up mode for players of all skill levels. What if i was a new player? someone spamming "omg report for feed" when its clearly not intentional. now i can understand frustration for losing games it happens to everyone and sometimes it sucks when you are owning your lane and lose due to others but in a casual normal PvP mode is there really need for the report and flaming culture that goes on in them? Just my two pence and would love to get some good responses.
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