I wanna unbind "enter chat" key RIOT

I just cant looking at this toxic game anymore and prevent me from another restrictions I would like to delete my chat totally. Like this is the most %%%%ing toxic game in whole %%%%ing word and riot knows it and do nothing. I got 2nd chat restriction and that 0/20 pro players that blame me as jng all the time(sure u know all the time jng is the bad one u knonw, they just lose lane lose farm in 5th minute 1v1 but jng noob u know, somebody doesnnt know mechanics and gonna blame u but u know jng is bad of course jng is the worst player in team, 10/2 jng but u know he is useless and just stealing kills cuz we are 0/20 with 5 farm and feed them so hard so jng is useless cuz he cant carry us 1v9 u know of course) cuz they suck so hard and know nothing about mechanics its like: 2nd minute top dies jng u %%%%ing noob....okay so RIOT ppl like this are playing without restrictions but I got 2nd one already, does it seem to be fair ? really ? Your automatic restrictions system is trash and everybody knows it. There could be 4 idiots in your team that are totally %%%%%%ed with 0/20 score 5 farm and blaming you as jng and they can say oh lets rep all of us this jng he sucks and booom restriction is here ..... ONCE AGAIN, DOES IT SEEM TO BE FAIR ? So pls start doing something with that and if not, just add enter chat to keybindings and ppl can unbind it cuz I am not interested to write anything anymore and will mute all of my teammates for chate at the start every game.....
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