Dear flamers.

So, what I've gathered here is that flaming occurs 98% of the games you play. The flamers tend to blame everything on someone else, they might go 1/12/0 at 20 minutes and you might go 12/7/5 and they will blame you for dying 7 times and feeding whoever. Even though you might only have died once or twice to that champion. The flamers problems are bigger than yours but are blind to that. Many flamers think that they "deserve" gold or plat and cant rank up because they get "feeders" every game. But what I usually say to flamers telling me that I will get 9x reported for feeding, I tell them that you can only ban and accurately report someone if they are feeding on purpose. So, my friend just reached Master and he told me that diamond was the worst thing he has been through, he said that they flamed you for a single tiny mistake, like misplacing a ward. He told me that flaming happens every game there. Which is surprising since this is a stronger and should be maturer division, since pretty no 13 year old will make it to diamond. Not saying its impossible, I'm sure that there are several very young diamond players. So flamers isn't just in the lower divisions but they are also in one of the highest divisions. To the flamers: Flaming will not make you win a game, especially not if you start from champ select, it will most likely make you lose since you are tilting your teammates and yourself. Not looking at what you did wrong is also bad, instead of looking at that misplaced ward that later was full of enemies that YOU facechecked and died of, look at your own problems, it seems like you're trying to control them which is wrong and wont work, you will most likely be banned in the future because of this if Riot changes the flaming punishment which I hope they do, you WILL get a chat restriction, try to flame then. So please make this game a better place.
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