Sick of trolls reporting you to get you chat restricted or losing honor

Game 1 Pre-Game Krodam: why you ban kat? Krodam: omg toxic af Krodam: dodge bro Krodam: is faster In-Game Krodam: im not trolling wth dude Krodam: not my fault you keep walking into them incite for false report = ban Krodam: dude crying in /all doesn't make you right Krodam: but toxic Krodam: i have my support item so stfu Krodam: yeah i accept you're all being toxic so im must muting you Krodam: im buying pinks and i have my stupid support item from a while ago so don't say crap that i am trolling dude Krodam: ok reporting you im tired of your bs comments Krodam: and you're completely muted also so keep ranting Krodam: 1/3/0 inting my ass Krodam: frewe Krodam: free* Krodam: ill report you then for being toxic :) Krodam: coz one player can be bad Krodam: but being toxic is worse Krodam: Neeko pepole like you are the reason a lot of people hates lol Krodam: 3/9 lucian and trying to duel 1vs1 vlad... and i am the one trolling ... lol Krodam: report lucian toxic af spam bs Post-Game Krodam: like seriously i hope you never meet players like Lucian in your games... disgusting player TL;DR: 2 premades starts picking on me because my item choice and because im doing terrible in a spot i get auto-filled. Im telling them they're being toxic af, finally i decide to mute one of them and warn him i will mute after game. The other one keeps going about how bad i am and how the other team members should report me. I report the other person also. Result? 9 games chat-restricted and honor 0. RITO PLS! Sick of your BAD SYSTEM!
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