Enemy don't want to end wasting my time

I was playing a game, and I admit I was playing really bad (but not intentional, I was trying to win), after few minutes our jungler left the game, the enemies got really fed after 20 mins and we had like 10 kills in total (enemies had over 40 kills), then our mid left the game too. At about 30 minutes I started noticing that the enemies didn't want to end the game (probably they wanted to get S rank), and my team didn't want to surrender even if it was impossible to win. Then I had to go for an important thing, I sayd it in chat, and even if the game was lost 100% they still didn't want to surrender. If the game was even or if at least we weren't so behind I wouldn't complaint about my team that didn't want to surrender. I had to exit the game at 40 minutes with enemies going around the map farming drakes and barons without pushing, and with me and the other two dying every time we faced just one of the enemies. Probably I got reported for leaving. Please tell me your opinion about this, I can also accept if someone don't agree with me. PS: english is not my native language, I hope the text is understandable, I accept if you want to correct my errors
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