Behaviours Specialists at Riots Games are underperforming

Dear Behaviour Specialists of Riotgames, you might consider a new job because you are clearly failing at yours. Why? People insulting other people arent the toxic ones, the toxic ones are the int.feeding, the trolling or the BLAMING people. And showing us some sheets or diagrams about a percentage of player reports is just a joke. because if you clean your apartment, you dont need to show me pictures of how you were cleaning your apartment.....if you cleaned it, would be clean. right now you have a dirty apartment but showing everyone the pics of how you are cleaning it.... to keep it short, are punishing the wrong people with the wrong punishment. and 1 another point. the permabanned players, what do you think are they going to do after a perm-ban? right they start a new account and are getting matched with the people that are new to the game. what experience are the new players gong to have playing against a banned platin or dia player? they are going to stumped like shit and probably quit lol. but thats anoher topic. your system is failing, and thats why you are losing players and going for mobile.
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