League of Salt

The moment i get frustated because i go 0/3 have a bad laning face and the worst cs possible. i simply blame myself. i should've played safed i should've known my match up better and know what to do. its not the junglers fault i lose lane. its simply nice if the jungler came and helped but not hes job to do so. its an option and not a MUST. i see my own mistakes not blame/flame others for it. The moment somebody else goes 0/3 and blames and flames others for his/her own mistakes, the moment they simply don't know there matchup but do not acknowledge there own mistakes and instead blame others. i'm totally fine with people going 0/3 and losing there lane until they flame/blame others. thi is is the time i get frustated / irritated. this is the moment i put my gradiants of salt in the chat, and not just a little bit of salt. the amount of salt that salt bae puts over hes meat. this is a time i go crazy. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} But i need help, i'm in need to stop my salt. the simple mute button is an option but the moment i see there message in chat my brain starts tinkeling like crazy. i gotta respond and put that person in hes place. sometimes i mute the player but rarely. None the less the main question for those who stress with me in this game. is there a big tip or even multiple tips for me to follow. to 100% press that mute button, to maybe even put that player in hes place with flair instead of salt. i take any tips and tricks and try them out. i'm already heavily improving i started muting a few months ago but its still not perfect. if i speak against those who flame i sometimes pick up the positive attitude instead of my salt. as you can see i'm in despressed need of help to stop my salt and just let it be. With kind regards, A fellow summoner {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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