banned for "third-party use"

well yesterday my account got banned. i was told it was banned for third party use, but i dont hack or using anything that would give me an unfair advantage, i did send a ticket and i will post how far its going, but i dont understand why this has happened to me :/. LULU BOT Yesterday at 21:04 i got an email saying i was banned for third party use. the only thing i have that would interact with league, is shadow play from nvidia, but i dont understand why that would warrant a ban, its what i use to record my gameplay to see what i need to work on and i use it for overwatch aswell, so unless that is against the ToS im not sure what i could of done wrong LULU BOT Today at 13:47 this is what comes up when i load the game, on my laptop that i use to play league of legends, i dont have anything else that interacts with league. Also is it possible if i could get a further explanation of why my account was flagged for third party use. Screenshot (799).png (3 MB) MOTANUL Today at 21:09 Hello, My name is Motanul and I'm with the Player Behavior team at Riot Games. Thank you for reaching us with your concerns. Your account has been permanently suspended following the use of scripts, hacks, exploits or unauthorized third-party programs in League of Legends. Accounts that are caught using hacks to gain an unfair competitive advantage are subject to permanent suspension. We work hard to preserve a fair and competitive environment in League of Legends. Regardless of intent, use of unauthorized third-party programs is explicitly against the Terms of Use, which can be found here: EUW: Keep in mind that account sharing of any kind is also against the Terms of Use. You are responsible for all activity on your account, so be sure to keep your account information to yourself. We won't be able to go into the specifics of an account's exploit abuse, as divulging this information could compromise future investigations. Regards, Motanul EUW Player Support Specialist Riot Games "Victory against all odds." (♥✿◠‿◠) LULU BOT Today at 21:23 i understand this, but i dont understand, why something such as using Nvidia shadow play would get my account permanently banned, nvidia have hosted league of legends tournaments, and because my laptop comes with Nvidia's geforce experience it has the option to optimize it, so i dont get why using something that hasn't been declared and hack, or something that gives an unfair advantage would get me permanently banned, if there is any information i can provide you to get this resolved i would appreciate it, if you would tell me what it is, since i have had this account since 2013, and would not do anything like that to jeopardize my account ive also done so research and it seems like a few people have gotten false positive from nvdia too, but considering that nvidia hold LoL tournaments, and do help sponsor league tournaments (i may be wrong about this) I dont get why i would be perma banned for this update: just got this Greetings, Unfortunately, I can't provide you with any more information other than what was already discussed. There are many individuals that write to us daily asking for information that's pertinent to our investigation in an attempt of exploiting our method. I'm not saying that this was your intention because I believe that it is not the case at all. However, this policy was put in place to protect our detection system and it's something that we must take great precaution on. I know that this ban came down as very harsh but we do have a zero tolerance policy for this sort of violation. Utilizing exploits ruin the integrity of the game for many players and it’s something we have to take into consideration. Once we have reviewed an exploit case, we will not modify the punishment. I understand that this is probably not the answer that you wanted to hear but there really is no way for you to recover this account. Thank you for understanding! Regards, Motanul EUW Player Support Specialist Riot Games "Victory against all odds." (♥✿◠‿◠) LULU BOT Today at 14:20 well this is very harsh, considering i was not using any hacking tools, i was using software which is only used to either optimize the game to reduce low fps or to record gameplay, i know people who stream with it, and i personally have streamed with it to stream both overwatch and league of legends. i understand the zero-tolerance against third party programs, but if thats the case then why isn't every streamer getting prbanned for "third party programs" UPDATE: THE MAD CLOWN Today at 07:04 Hello Summoner, The Mad Clown from Player Support here. Firstly, I am really sorry for the disappointment our decision caused you, but as my colleague previously mentioned, the actions taken on your account have violated our Terms of Use and have negatively impacted the experience other players had with our game, due to this reason, we will not be able to lift or modify the suspension you have received. Secondly, I understand your attachment to the account because you have invested a lot in it, but please know that exactly for this reason we expect players to take better care of their accounts and also make sure that their actions and behavior are not in conflict with both our Summoner's Code and Terms of Use. Thirdly, I assure you that we have investigated this matter thoroughly and the suspension was correctly applied. Also, please know that no player is immune to punishment. Accounts that are found to be in violation of our Terms are subject to punishment. Lastly, please know that as my colleague previously informed you, we will not be able to disclose any information regarding the account's exploit, investigation methods, results and so on. Also, since we have explained the context of your suspension in full, further inquiries regarding this will be left unanswered and the ticket will be closed. Please let me know if you have any other questions regarding League, non-related to your suspension. Kind regards, The Mad Clown Player Support Specialist Riot Games "Why so serious?" this actually seems really stupid, like really stupid. starting to lose hope in riot
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