WTF riot ur system suck or u have to change the staff

Hmm i got guys who grief my lane 2 times. I just ping for ganks .. no reaction , i write '' gank me pls'' he just come when i die suicide himself on my lane and ignored me when yi camped my lane , ne didnt stopped ... i was absolutely destroyed. i writed '' ww i will reprot u for that grief and trolling'' i was not flaming nobody , jsut explaining what gonna happen in next min when he not gank me. So , he trolled my game, i lost lp and got suspendet for 14 days BECAUSE i had a r%%%%%et jungler again. Is that fair?? Nope the players who troll and grief others game not get punished but the players who take that grief and troll get suspendet... :) This suspend should be removed to the morning or i will spamm that ticked everyday non-stop every day. Why ww not get punished for his actions but i got punished ? Riot HAVE TO LOOK AT ALL CHAT NOT ONLY YOUR BCSTHAT IS NOT FAIR BCS LOT OF SITUATIONS WAS NOT UNDERSTANDET CORRECTLY rIOT SHOULD WATCH SOME OF THE GAMES BCS THEY ARE PROBLEMATIC AND TAKE THE POINT WHEN THEY LOOK WHAT IS HAPPENING , NOT MAKING A BLIND SUSPENDS . Thanks for attention. [All]VIPChiefo: omfg VIPChiefo: ww come when i am on the lane VIPChiefo: OMFGG VIPChiefo: this piece of shit is taunting me every 5 sec ... VIPChiefo: ggg VIPChiefo: .... VIPChiefo: fidle VIPChiefo: is a pusy VIPChiefo: ww gank hereeee VIPChiefo: are u blind ? VIPChiefo: warwick VIPChiefo: i will report u VIPChiefo: if not gank me in next 2 min VIPChiefo: GANK\ VIPChiefo: YI 4 TIMES ON TOP VIPChiefo: U -0 VIPChiefo: im losing VIPChiefo: what u sorry VIPChiefo: u actoalyy let him VIPChiefo: win VIPChiefo: HOW [All]VIPChiefo: okay report warwick [All]VIPChiefo: im tired and tilted guys VIPChiefo: you troll my lane VIPChiefo: ty so much VIPChiefo: top is open VIPChiefo: and free VIPChiefo: im not going there anymore VIPChiefo: sghut the %%%% up VIPChiefo: if u have problem u go def fit VIPChiefo: HOW WE CAN WIN THIS VIPChiefo: 7/3 VIPChiefo: 3/3 VIPChiefo: WHAT THE FUCJ U THINKING VIPChiefo: this yi VIPChiefo: smashed my lane VIPChiefo: andeverything what my jg do VIPChiefo: is to ignore my lane VIPChiefo: and let him open top VIPChiefo: yea VIPChiefo: yi will win it VIPChiefo: cuz he killed me so many times VIPChiefo: NHO VIPChiefo: IM TILTED VIPChiefo: PAHAHAHAHAHAHAH VIPChiefo: first ww grief my lane VIPChiefo: now uwant my best\ VIPChiefo: no VIPChiefo: iwill reprot him VIPChiefo: for trolling VIPChiefo: and griefing VIPChiefo: gg VIPChiefo: i stop play [All]VIPChiefo: reprot warwick , int feed griefing [All]VIPChiefo: he totaly %%%% up toplane VIPChiefo: i go suicidelike him VIPChiefo: :) [All]VIPChiefo: report warwick please guys [All]VIPChiefo: and u fiddlestick [All]VIPChiefo: u suck [All]VIPChiefo: and u are low [All]VIPChiefo: everysingle timewhen i died on top was because of yi VIPChiefo: zed VIPChiefo: dude VIPChiefo: i really wanna kill myself VIPChiefo: possitive idiots VIPChiefo: do u haveany brain VIPChiefo: 3/8 VIPChiefo: i actually suck absolutely now VIPChiefo: for %%%%i nsake VIPChiefo: god VIPChiefo: damn VIPChiefo: %%%% you wawrwick VIPChiefo: look what u done VIPChiefo: 3/9 VIPChiefo: 3/9 |!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VIPChiefo: im banned in my own acc thank to noobs like you VIPChiefo: players like you trol lmy lane wit hignoring when enemy jung not stoping gank me VIPChiefo: whe n i get too much tilted and go angry i got reproted for thaem VIPChiefo: ty VIPChiefo: y2 VIPChiefo: who to focus VIPChiefo: my dmg is 0 VIPChiefo: and hwo to not flame VIPChiefo: the fault for my losted top is his VIPChiefo: he destroyed top VIPChiefo: if i lie tell me VIPChiefo: if that is not true VIPChiefo: what did u say VIPChiefo: we can win ? VIPChiefo: im not trol VIPChiefo: jsut i suck VIPChiefo: and im so tilted VIPChiefo: thank to warwick VIPChiefo: ye iuts hisfault Game 2117818103: Pre Game Lobby: VIPChiefo: jg VIPChiefo: go ap VIPChiefo: pls VIPChiefo: ye VIPChiefo: u are jg VIPChiefo: not me VIPChiefo: :d VIPChiefo: talon jg suck VIPChiefo: i think VIPChiefo: lol VIPChiefo: enemy VIPChiefo: taked my main VIPChiefo: diana VIPChiefo: xd In Game: VIPChiefo: shaco gank now VIPChiefo: why u are so uselsss VIPChiefo: damn this shaco is avsolutely uselesss VIPChiefo: 0 ganks still VIPChiefo: MYFARM MRONS ORI GO TROLL VIPChiefo: for ? VIPChiefo: do i get any ganks ? always when i follow diana on bot she killed me until u sleep kid VIPChiefo: look at this jungle 24 min 0 ganks what to talk just VIPChiefo: next time gank when u play cuz enemy camped other lanes noob , learn to play jg its like supp but ur brain is damaged Game 2118199002: Pre Game Lobby: VIPChiefo: Dude VIPChiefo: u are poland VIPChiefo: so VIPChiefo: nobody can carre you In Game: VIPChiefo: why u gived him exp VIPChiefo: cya zilezn VIPChiefo: such a useless , its liek we have empty jungle VIPChiefo: no we wont bcs this jungle suck a lot VIPChiefo: 0 ganks VIPChiefo: i swear in god i will reprot u trash griefer , whe nu come take my farm and take all kills how u helping me with that????????? VIPChiefo: U PULLING ME BACK BEHIND ENEMY ADC VIPChiefo: with junglers like this one never my dear friend diana VIPChiefo: next time look at rengar , teach from him... he gank and let kills and not STEAL THE FARM VIPChiefo: wtfff VIPChiefo: yp and zoe Game 2118480880: VIPChiefo: can u gank justonce at time VIPChiefo: 3/-0 VIPChiefo: gg top is lsot :) VIPChiefo: thanks VIPChiefo: GANK MAYBE ? VIPChiefo: team sorry if lost VIPChiefo: but look at this jg VIPChiefo: its terrible VIPChiefo: i willreprot you VIPChiefo: :) [All]VIPChiefo: report kha zix , i will be so thankfull VIPChiefo: go hide urself ugly elf VIPChiefo: 0 ganks VIPChiefo: 12 min VIPChiefo: amumu maked 2 VIPChiefo: he jsut come take ajx and take my farm VIPChiefo: that is a GRIEFING VIPChiefo: OMG [All]VIPChiefo: Report this jungler still 0 help [All]VIPChiefo: its 13 min VIPChiefo: gank me VIPChiefo: if u dont wanalost VIPChiefo: omg VIPChiefo: wehn im on the lane VIPChiefo: do u know VIPChiefo: feel free to deff top VIPChiefo: im going jg VIPChiefo: i will honor ahri VIPChiefo: kazah che nqma da pazq top VIPChiefo: tva e VIPChiefo: boli me huq VIPChiefo: iskash li da ti razcepa groznata mutra VIPChiefo: ne ma zanimavai VIPChiefo: hiumne tupo VIPChiefo: kat se nauchi khazix da gankva VIPChiefo: m isa obadi VIPChiefo: ty for ignoring ym lane kha zix VIPChiefo: ela ti da igraesh sreshtu nego kat mn znaesh VIPChiefo: mishok VIPChiefo: dobre che e suporta che ne stavash za nishto VIPChiefo: ot kude si VIPChiefo: lape VIPChiefo: ako ti pukna mucunata s truba VIPChiefo: she revbesh li VIPChiefo: samo ot tqh ne sum VIPChiefo: she is so strong
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