I dare any riot employee to make new account and level 0-30 by playing SR draft

If you wanna know what horrible state your game is in, do this journey and you will see. Trollers, people refusing to take their role, toxic, afk's and match making from hell (team skill levels are so unblanaced. No matter if you win or lose, it's a total stomp). I cant imagine ANY new player trying this game and thinking it's fun. It's not cuz of the game itself, it's because of the people playing it. Are you aware of this? Is this something you're working on fixing? I see this as the biggest flaw/challenge of this game and I dont even know if you at riot are aware that this is how the game is. Where's the transparency? I was just in a game, my supp picked ashe and after dying once she ran top which made the top go bot with me while mid flaming. Supp left at 8 mins, top right after and jungler left aswell. All this in 11 minutes xD. Situations like this happens about 8/10 games. Instead of fixing new features like loot systems or skins or whatever, fix this!!!! I have no idea how but these problems are what you need to solve to make this game fun for us average players.
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