Got my first ban and was wondering if this was worth a 14 day?

Game 1 Pre-Game BryceBuckner22: ok swap BryceBuckner22: with me BryceBuckner22: BryceBuckner22: my god BryceBuckner22: 2 18, 2 12 BryceBuckner22: 1 12 * BryceBuckner22: i cant believe u did that to ur team In-Game BryceBuckner22: bleugh naut abuser BryceBuckner22: 2 minutes later BryceBuckner22: malz in lane BryceBuckner22: and flames me BryceBuckner22: malz type again i jus leave BryceBuckner22: :) BryceBuckner22: ak i afk farm BryceBuckner22: g; BryceBuckner22: cait BryceBuckner22: can u r BryceBuckner22: :) BryceBuckner22: buuold liandries? BryceBuckner22: u knew he would BryceBuckner22: bye BryceBuckner22: no wonder malz so low wr BryceBuckner22: wheres my blue? BryceBuckner22: end BryceBuckner22: bard ur 1 5 BryceBuckner22: and u int ebery game BryceBuckner22: malz jus mad cuz he knows we can caryr his useless ass BryceBuckner22: so hes just taking my jungle camp s BryceBuckner22: rep malz plz taking my red and blue cuz hes a tilted kid BryceBuckner22: no wonder hes so harfdstuck BryceBuckner22: 44% wr 480 game BryceBuckner22: calls me terrible BryceBuckner22: when my wr 10% higher BryceBuckner22: and im higher lp in 1/2 ur games BryceBuckner22: stats dont lie bb BryceBuckner22: :( BryceBuckner22: yeah BryceBuckner22: im losing braincells reading what he types BryceBuckner22: not even premade lmao BryceBuckner22: lol BryceBuckner22: u make 0 sense BryceBuckner22: do u even speak english BryceBuckner22: i didnt pal BryceBuckner22: can u report our racist, toxic manchild malz BryceBuckner22: i had to get my red before uy took again malz BryceBuckner22: so dry ur eyes BryceBuckner22: yes BryceBuckner22: i would do it again BryceBuckner22: alright muting bb malz BryceBuckner22: gg BryceBuckner22: enjoy last game malz BryceBuckner22: Lol BryceBuckner22: let them end BryceBuckner22: bard do u even finish a game with lkess than 10 deaths BryceBuckner22: how have u not been banned yet BryceBuckner22: report malz ggwp BryceBuckner22: i wonder who tilted us BryceBuckner22: the toxic malz BryceBuckner22: malz maybe dont spend ur time counter jungling ur jungler cuz hes 4 1 and ur flaming him when 0 3 BryceBuckner22: :) BryceBuckner22: and he mentions ur score BryceBuckner22: why wud u take my red and blue BryceBuckner22: when ur inting BryceBuckner22: and im fed BryceBuckner22: gg BryceBuckner22: thank god BryceBuckner22: its over BryceBuckner22: hard to play ur best when u have malz and bard intetnionally throwing game Post-Game BryceBuckner22: malz bard BryceBuckner22: why queue up jus to flame and troll BryceBuckner22: how is that enjoyable for u BryceBuckner22: bard BryceBuckner22: look ur match history BryceBuckner22: i legit had malz taking all my camps BryceBuckner22: ofc BryceBuckner22: im not gonna care if we win or lose BryceBuckner22: i was 4 0 BryceBuckner22: and he ful lcleared my jungle BryceBuckner22: malz theres a areason u have a 44% wr BryceBuckner22: and are hard stuck gold BryceBuckner22: or myabe BryceBuckner22: u went 0 3 BryceBuckner22: as malz BryceBuckner22: in 7 mins BryceBuckner22: and then counter jungled ur 4 1 jungler BryceBuckner22: ? BryceBuckner22: yeah everyone reported them BryceBuckner22: they gettign banned BryceBuckner22: uve played 500 games this season BryceBuckner22: u have no life BryceBuckner22: what u mean BryceBuckner22: u legit play league all day everyday BryceBuckner22: and suck BryceBuckner22: ive played 160 BryceBuckner22: u legit have 0 life BryceBuckner22: thats why im higher elo BryceBuckner22: in less games? BryceBuckner22: bye bb BryceBuckner22: trash kid Game 2 Pre-Game BryceBuckner22: ? BryceBuckner22: whats ur prob dude BryceBuckner22: he jus ban my rengar???? BryceBuckner22: wtf BryceBuckner22: what did i do to u BryceBuckner22: u didnt hover kennen? BryceBuckner22: how am i meant to know BryceBuckner22: u never said u were playing kennen? BryceBuckner22: can u rep him plz BryceBuckner22: u would be tilted if he jus banned ur champ cuz u banned his champ that he didnt hover BryceBuckner22: how was i supposed to know lmao BryceBuckner22: no u didnt... BryceBuckner22: such a kid BryceBuckner22: looking for fights BryceBuckner22: sad In-Game BryceBuckner22: report teemo troling in champ select BryceBuckner22: intentionally banned my rengar BryceBuckner22: cuz i banned his champ which he didnt hover... BryceBuckner22: sure kid BryceBuckner22: i mute teemo BryceBuckner22: ouch BryceBuckner22: oh BryceBuckner22: u still had r BryceBuckner22: after killing teemo BryceBuckner22: Lol BryceBuckner22: oh so that was 2k dmg in 1.4 sec without ur r? BryceBuckner22: glad im not a toplaner xd BryceBuckner22: xd BryceBuckner22: Rly thought i had it xd BryceBuckner22: oh lol BryceBuckner22: i have no idea what that champ does BryceBuckner22: did not know those tentacles still slammed after u died BryceBuckner22: ouch BryceBuckner22: 1.6k BryceBuckner22: i cant hold illaoi BryceBuckner22: cant BryceBuckner22: lol BryceBuckner22: can illaoi 100-0 thru ur spirit BryceBuckner22: huh BryceBuckner22: i can see why people say illaoi is sleeper BryceBuckner22: gg BryceBuckner22: LOL BryceBuckner22: well 3 vayne aa did 4k BryceBuckner22: remember to rep teemo Post-Game BryceBuckner22: if u could report teemo it would be appreciated BryceBuckner22: toxic manchild BryceBuckner22: ggwp
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