Is this toxic?

so im trying to get my honor back up. done 110 games and still level 0. support tells me this game i was a little toxic and thats why its taking longer. [0:16] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): glhf [0:22] cheiften98 (Anivia): nice skins guys [0:45] cheiften98 (Anivia): soo nice [1:13] cheiften98 (Anivia): nut material am i right [1:16] cheiften98 (Anivia): ahah [1:46] cheiften98 (Anivia): did u die... [1:53] cheiften98 (Anivia): xD [2:09] cheiften98 (Anivia): didnt mean to [3:40] cheiften98 (Anivia): dont risk dying [4:07] cheiften98 (Anivia): god damn nice [5:57] cheiften98 (Anivia): %%%% me my wisdom tooth is coming through [6:00] cheiften98 (Anivia): hurts so bad [7:16] cheiften98 (Anivia): you didnt go back the first time to buy xD [7:24] cheiften98 (Anivia): nice [8:15] cheiften98 (Anivia): 3rd game as annvia sorr [8:32] cheiften98 (Anivia): 1 wa son my friends account on bots to see if i would buy her [9:01] cheiften98 (Anivia): im well under tower [9:19] cheiften98 (Anivia): also the servers are shit [11:04] cheiften98 (Anivia): the stun [12:46] cheiften98 (Anivia): stop [13:01] cheiften98 (Anivia): how about you poke and farm more [13:59] cheiften98 (Anivia): you need to last hit more jinx.. [14:28] cheiften98 (Anivia): what? [14:36] cheiften98 (Anivia): ok im just gonna mute and report you [14:47] cheiften98 (Anivia): that logic makes no sense [14:57] cheiften98 (Anivia): i ask nicely and she is just toxic [15:26] cheiften98 (Anivia): one of those peopel that its not her fault it must be everyone elses fault [19:09] cheiften98 (Anivia): no [19:12] cheiften98 (Anivia): this jinx isnt very ggood [19:17] cheiften98 (Anivia): she cant farm very well [19:21] cheiften98 (Anivia): so he was 50 farm ahead [19:27] cheiften98 (Anivia): 60 now [19:39] cheiften98 (Anivia): me? [19:46] cheiften98 (Anivia): � [19:50] cheiften98 (Anivia): zed me? [19:54] cheiften98 (Anivia): or her cause ive muted her [21:12] cheiften98 (Anivia): cool [21:26] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): please report this jinx, really toxic to me [21:49] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): nice team [21:53] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): love playing this game [22:04] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): calling me idiot every time she died [22:06] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): real nice [22:30] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): oh they're both in a clan [22:33] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): thats why [23:41] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): only started playing support recently [23:43] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): its shit [23:53] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): the toxic dumb ass adc will blame you for anythign [27:51] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): now they flame nasus [28:35] cheiften98 (Anivia): ok [31:46] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): why? [32:07] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): hmm [32:21] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): i really dont want to paly this match anymore [34:00] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): im sorry [34:06] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): i dont want to win this match [34:09] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): horible team [34:53] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): calling me a %%% too now [35:51] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): im sorry vasrus [35:54] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): 19/3 [36:37] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): ye [36:45] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): i had a game earlier, but managed to carry it [36:49] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): 17/4 rammus [36:57] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): was nuts xD [37:04] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): ye happens a lot to me [37:07] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): it sucks [37:21] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): ye i dont often feed like some peopel do [37:29] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): i dont get how you do that :/ [37:43] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): i had a 0/8 as fiddle sticks and that was it [37:46] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): no idea how to play him [38:58] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): wanna game after you guys? [39:19] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): ye i prob should too xD [39:21] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): gg [39:24] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): pls report zed and jinx [39:27] [All] cheiften98 (Anivia): meanies So this jinx dies 3 times, calls me an idiot every time. calls me a %%%. the zed is also calling me an idiot too. as you can see. i did not flame imo. apparently i was telling her how to play support said. i was trying to give constructive critism after she died 3 times by saying try and farm a bit more. then calls me a "%%%%ing idiot". im really upset about this as ive done 110+ games now and no change. i dont see how i was toxic... maybe i should of just muted her at the first sign of her calling me an idiot, but when i said im muting i did mute... i was talking to the enemy team for the rest of it. what do you guys think?

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