Does anything happen to toxic players?

The amount of flaming i have received is just unreal but does anything actually happen to these people when they are reported. Example. i was adc caitlyn all was going fine in the bot lane we won outfarmed and took turret i stayed and pushed out one more lane then went base by this time a team fight had broke out time i got there it was over and my fault.then i went top to push out the lane only passed tier 2 by this time bot was pushed back up no one bothered for i went down quickly and again i was flamed for farming and pushing out waves nothing was happening though but got flamed for it anwyway. the team fights i had a sighned run out at me twice.i was trying to get away well i did but he cancelled me out the team fights imo that was well played by team ignored it went all in and died.o and i got flamed for that aswell. things like this have happened alot to me in bronze i will farm and stay in lane aslong as possible i get flamed for it.i also get reported so they say.question is do these guys get banned for it or no.
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