On a cliché topic perhaps in a non-cliché way

Hi, I am writing about one notoriously cliché topic that is a permaban amnesty. Though bellow, I am sure, you can find non-cliché suggestion. Would you be so kind, as to give a few minutes of thinking to the following =^.^= ? ---- Something similar to a mandatory commune service after one commits a crime in the real life. Perhaps something Riot needs to have done on a regular basis, and it is a time-consuming or a burdensome thing. Or maybe some join-program with the third venerable parties like charity or real public service or some such. Voilá - ppl who'd wish to atone would not just promise to change, and then, as showed in the "Reform program", get banned again in 95% :p This time it would be other way round. The "criminals" would have to first prove some willingness that is hard enough to prove. Then get the account, then continue the work for some time, and when failing to meet the quota get suspended again or continue as a good trudgeon (hello Roy and Moss from the basement :) deliver on time and enough and get amnestied. I'd say, this solution would: 1] Pay for the resources Riot would have to assign itself. 2] Make hope for those who prove and deliver the change of heart in a public-wealth-wise manner. 3] Make you think of {{champion:103}} Dudes and dudesses, what a story Ahri has, that can inspire such thoughts =^.^= I wish you a good day, Player
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