Why you ban righteus players like me?

so i played a game and one of the enemy players,7 mastery lvl yasou,whenever he killed someone spammed ez and his lvl7 at first i didnt give a fck but after time anger took over me and i started saying has no life.He started complaining for my and his stats and i said to him"lol piece of shitt you have no life".He countinued to spam ez and lvl7.What did i do?I was roasting him to death.At the end of the game we both reported each other.What did i get?Ban.Why?Cus he spend money on this game(he got skins he said in chat).I was just deffending myself and i hit him in the feeling when i said he is fat and no girl will love him and he only told me that im kid and he got no time for noobs like me.Im just trying to say Riot gives advantage with bans to the players spend money on their "FREE GAME".I havent spend nothing on that game and i allways start roasting other ONLY when they be offensive with me.I havent played this game for about 2 months and its has more flamers than ever. I deserve the ban for some of the things i said(i didnt covered them all) but he deserves ban too. He verball abused all of my team and me only him.Riot i hope you read this and think of your banning system and make a step into the right direction. (Sorry for my terrible English)
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