PLS RIOT READ THIS i got banned for no reason

today i got banned for no reason at all for 14 days jg and adc in that game flamed me whole game and me and top were deffending me.Then he said that i was getting banned and i said for what then he said verbal abuse and i sad mark exactly what i said he said you said that i told him that he is an %%%%%% ( which i did not) and he and adc were premades. there is more to write about that jg ( he told me i was an %%%%%%ed kid and thta i troll and verbal abuse him ) at that point teemo (isn't my premade ) just told me to mute jg and adc and to keep playing like i played ( good).Adc at the beggining of the game said that im getting perma banned because i stole 3 cs and i got one kill ( to save adc life ) and he said thta i ksed that kill and he told me that i go adc bc i "wouldnt stop screwing up as supp" i said ok and then when i got 3 kills and got fed more in 2 mins then he did in 15 he started to ss me and telling everyone that i ks kills and then i was kinda agresive and told him wtf you literally told me to go adc and to take all the farm and kills that i want jg just said banned and told me to stfu because i am muted and reported then supp ( adc ahri ) just left the game around 18 mins and reconected 16 mins later she got tired of the game and just left then i said in all chat pls report ahri and jg . jg fed soooooooo much and ahri went afk. at that time i was 10/2 as a brand supp( adc ) and then they went silent for some time and flamed when i stole RAPTORS fing rapptors mannn. i said i have full right to take them you farmed whole game and didnt gank once , i mean he did twice but he died 2 times in 2 ganks. and i told him that i also have the right to take them bc i have better score than him he had around 1/9/3 he just fed thats where teemo told them to stop because they are flaming the guy who carryes the game. after that i got of lol for 30 mins to have a good time at my brothers bday party i came back and i was banned and the worst thing they didnt gat banned pls riot im begging you to have a person baan players and i would like it if you unbanned me pla reply and ty if you are at least reading this ty for your tima and your great game my email is for answer to this .
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