raging & DC & punishing & fairness

hello fellow summoners, {{summoner:14}} TL:DR. game punish system is very bad. it is the very reason why people get angry. it needs some major improvements. :) getting angry and smashing the keyboard bcs of video game is kinda stupid. if u look at it from a bigger perspective you are just losing a some made-up thing called LP in the game , in a virtual world that will never ever affect the real world. but thats what addiction does to you i guess. the reason why the game MAKES people tilt (bet you already know the cause ) is that you are being judged not by YOUR gameplay only , but by your teammates skills too. getting angry makes sense sometimes because it doesnt matter how hard you try. others must win their lanes too in order to achieve sometthing. of course someone would get angry when they realize that they wasted 1 hour of their skills just to lose 16 lp or more. TBH i never truly cared about server being down or not getting mission rewards or skins that much. server down? thats fine i can wait. not getting mission rewards, thats fine too, riot will do something about it . didnt get the skin i wanted? , better luck next time . the only thing i care about is fairness. i put my energy into 35 min game and i lose bcs some dude DCed cause he had 13k ping.(its true i swear ) i dont see logic in that. i dont see logic in punishing someone else if i decided to troll or go afk and vice-versa. sure i can post about towers being weak but i will try to deal with it. but when i see that some guy goes 3/21/3 and i lose 18 LP , i just dont get it. whats the idea behind that? i used to rage before reforming but now im just numb. i dont care about lp anymore. i know that as a support i did my job, i look at graphs , if i see some good numbers in vision score, dmg dealt , etc, im satisfied, but sometimes its just not enough. we enter the game, then someone writes sorry guys i must go and goes afk for the reason i really dont care about . if i do the same i would want riot to punish ME and not my teammates. losing a game plus LP because of someone else, drives more anger into people's heads, makes them tilt even more and gives them a desire to hate everyone else, specifically that dude who DCed. it gives them more reason to write : pls report my adc afk . that despise that one guy so much bcs that guy turned out to be a reason for their loss therefore their bad mood. see what i mean? i can totally relate why people rage. in normal games where u fight against a scripted monster u only rage if its extremely powerful and u died 49 times already(dark souls ). but you can beat it at some point. in lol where u play pvp u wont ever reach that moment. for me lol ranked solo is 50% skill and 50% luck. TL:DR. game punish system is very bad. it is the very reason why people get angry. it needs some major improvements. :) AS long as it goes for me ,i stopped caring about LP that much . why did i post this then? cause i see unfair decisions made by riot. just maybe if only we could get a new punish system somehow :( {{summoner:14}} {{sticker:galio-happy}} your opinions?

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