A little bit of reality check for everyone playing league.

Hello. Today my friend got a perma ban, for what seems to me very weak reasons, for the flame, rage. But its so mild that i wanted to share this with everyone, so maybe some people would reconsider spending money on skins and in game content if all it takes just that to get a perma ban. :) So first things first, i will post the "chat logs, full chat logs for which he was banned in comment section". The games were 40-50 minutes long each, have that in mind there is a lot of text. If thinking sincerely, 95% of community should be perma banned if that is all it takes for the perma ban. :) I am not salty or sad or anything, we do not play league that much anymore, so its no big deal. I have some advice for others in the future 1. There IS "heat cooldown" period, if you were toxic a couple of years ago and got a few "chat bans" temp bans like for 10-20 days, etc. Your account is blacklisted, get this enough times in your lets say 5-6 years of gameplay - the next chain of reports might get you perma banned, if you are not active enough (play lots of games, without reports). SImply throwing your account away for some time will not help you. So whoever were toxic in early days, its best to not spend money on that account or just create a new one, because there is a higher chance for perma ban, even if you stopped playing or using that account or getting reports for a long period of time. 2. Im not defending toxic behaviour or flaming, but this seems senseless to me. The most this should lead is chat ban or temp ban, do remember that we did not play league, no activity, no reports for nearly a year, once you get heat in your account, its there forever, there is no reset button, like with ranked games, because after limited amount of times, even mild toxicity on the account will get you perma banned.
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