Saying "Ez"/"Easy" at the end of a game

I brought up that topic a while ago already and now that we're back in URF , I notice, that people more commonly say "ez" or "easy" at the end of the game At first: I would like to get an explanation of what benefit you get from disrespecting your enemie like that. The person probably put up a good fight or gave their best, if not all, maybe at least 3-4 of them. It is extremely disrespectful to say that to your enemie. {{champion:50}} At second: Why would you disrespect your enemie like that instead of saying nothing instead? I usually tend to write "ggwp" even if I loose, because it's a sign of respect. I wouldn't write easy, because it tilts other people, which pass the "toxicity" {{champion:69}} on to the next game and so on. At last: In my humble opinion - as a player, who plays since this game exists, and who has been banned during Season 1-4 for being toxic - people should get an instant and hard punishment for saying something like this. I made it to get a grip and be a respectful, nice and calm player, always respecting my opponent, maybe fooling around with them a bit, but always keeping the respect up. If I can do it, and trust me, I've been hella toxic, other people should be able to do it too. {{champion:17}} What is your opinion about the topic? {{champion:26}} I don't see a single benefit in saying easy, it's purely toxic, negative and disrespectful, makes your enemie feel bad and yeah... It's just not right I hope to see a nice discussion under this post and thanks for your time {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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