Report System SUCKS - I will prove to everybody this system can punish innocent people - FU RIOT ;)

Game 1 Pre-Game Krodam: why you ban kat? Krodam: omg toxic af Krodam: dodge bro Krodam: is faster In-Game Krodam: im not trolling wth dude Krodam: not my fault you keep walking into them incite for false report = ban Krodam: dude crying in /all doesn't make you right Krodam: but toxic Krodam: i have my support item so stfu Krodam: yeah i accept you're all being toxic so im must muting you Krodam: im buying pinks and i have my stupid support item from a while ago so don't say crap that i am trolling dude Krodam: ok reporting you im tired of your bs comments Krodam: and you're completely muted also so keep ranting Krodam: 1/3/0 inting my ass Krodam: frewe Krodam: free* Krodam: ill report you then for being toxic :) Krodam: coz one player can be bad Krodam: but being toxic is worse Krodam: Neeko pepole like you are the reason a lot of people hates lol Krodam: 3/9 lucian and trying to duel 1vs1 vlad... and i am the one trolling ... lol Krodam: report lucian toxic af spam bs Post-Game Krodam: like seriously i hope you never meet players like Lucian in your games... disgusting player I will prove that you can punish innocent players with this stupid system. Im tired of hearing people saying that the system punished you because you did something you deserved when you're the one being victim of trolls. Im sick of trolls getting away and having their account intact, while i been working my ass hard (i had more than 80% of positive honor votes during this season) and just 1 damn game where i didn't even flame or say anything that terrible, i get chat restricted and i dropped back to Honor 0. Im sick of this stupid system, and from the lol toxic community that never grows up and has to ruin other player's games. What will RIOT do when i prove to them with videos in my Youtube Channel that you can be punished for doing nothing wrong? What will RIOT do when i show this system is automatic and doesn't takes into account what the trolls are doing or saying to you? I've heard stupid stories of people getting ban even for saying the word Hitler or even more stupid stuff. Anyways, a really disappointed player. I thought they did fix the system and thats why i made it back here, but seems like things still are the same. %%%% YOU, RIOT! ;)
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